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Hello. My name is Darryl and I am an aviator. I currently am working on my commercial rating at Bill Law Aviation My goal is to become a flight instructor late next spring. It is going to be a lot of work though. I hope to have some pictures of what I currently fly and what I hope to fly in the future.

It is my goal to be a real resource to pilots and students here by giving you useful information and links to sites that have proven invaluable to me so far in my training.


Kip's Written Prep Site this site is great for practicing for the written exam for both private pilot and for your instrument rating.

If you want some great aviation links to go to, I have spent lots of time surfing and can recommend some great ones. One of my favorites is Cyberair They have lots of info on how a control tower, flight plan, and weather services work from the inside as well as the ability to listen to Chicago Approach control live with Real Audio.

If you are looking for a great weather resource, I have stumbled across a great one ADDS It has Metars, Tafs, Radar Reports, Pireps and the whole works

I just got a request for some info on Bush Flying. while I do not do any myself as of yet, I love reading about it and how these guys can land a super cub on just about anything. There is one web site that I am having trouble finding one particular site that i liked. If i do find it, I will put the link up here Otherwise here is a link to a very good site on the subject. F.E. Potts Or you could try this one with several stories of flying where few dare to. Virtual Horizons

Want to learn about the first flight. The whole story of the wright brothers is here it was written by one of the brothers and goes in depth about the whole process they went through.

Be sure to e-mail me and let me know if you are also a pilot or have any advise or funny stories